“Oh, you have a blog? That’s cool. What do you write about?”

Me. That’s the one unique thing I can offer to readers. Nobody else has my range of experiences and knowledge.

What have I done? I’ve worked as a crime lab analyst, tutor, anti-money laundering work for a bank, secretary, Walmart cashier, restaurant hostess, farm worker and day care provider. I’ve swum through a cave with a flashlight in my teeth, ridden a horse at full gallop and helped lead a group through a section of Mammoth Cave with a kerosene lantern when the electric generator failed.

I put together all sorts of craft kits for displays in my mother’s craft store. I’ve made my own soap, sewed my own clothes and grown my own food (part of it anyway). I’m a geek who builds my own computers. I’ve even replaced the screen in a laptop. I’ve done Magenta at Rocky Horror Picture Show and I’ve taught Vacation Bible School.

I learned three important things at my father’s knee – how to have a firm handshake, how to bet on horseraces, and how to play poker. These gave me valuable skills like risk assessment, keeping my thoughts in my head and not on my face, and how to get noticed by other professionals. From my mother I learned to always keep learning. Oh, and how to argue.

So on this blog you will read about whatever I am thinking about that day. Tourism, true crime, gardening, recipes, movies, you name it.

Oh, there is one thing you will not find here. This is a politics-free zone. There are so many bloggers who have to inject that into their posts, and I’m not having it. Most people are completely sick of it, so this will be an oasis of ‘everything else’.

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