Disney Springs Food Truck Rally 2017

Every so often Disney Springs, the Walt Disney World shopping and dining venue (think very fancy outdoor mall), invites food trucks from the Orlando area to come and show local residents what is available. Yesterday I and my family went to DS to see what we could see.  The rally will also be running today from noon to 11 PM.

Disney Springs normally has four food trucks that belong to Disney located at the section known as the West Side.  Two of these, Fantasy Fare and World Showcase of Flavors, were present.  Fantasy Fare serves food inspired by Magic Kingdom offerings that run from simple chicken strips to croque monsieur.  World Showcase serves a variety of tacos with international inspiration.

As you can see, it was rainy and thinly attended last night.  I hope they have better weather today.  The traffic might have picked up later in the evening when the rain settled down to a hazy drizzle.  These pictures were taken at roughly 6 PM.

My personal choice was The London Fish & Chippy.  For $13 I got one very sizable piece of fish and a reasonable portion of steak fries.  Both the fish and fries were fried fresh in front of me and were served piping hot.  I can’t claim it was the very best fried fish I’ve ever had, but it was very tasty.  It definitely hit the spot on a rainy day, and was nicely filling.

The rest of the family decided on Philly cheesesteaks from the Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks truck.  The sandwiches were only $9, but fries had to be bought separately.  My husband and daughters enjoyed their phillies very much.  Hubbie let me have a bite of his, and it was a good tasting sandwich. They were fairly large, too.

Another truck that was present was Magic 4 UR Palate.  They served an interesting variety of food, from ribs to fish sandwiches.

It had been advertised that the 900 Degreez Pizza truck would be present.  It was not there on Friday, but a truck called Cilantro Urban Eatery was.  They seemed to focus on more healthy selections.

And where would we be without dessert?  Caketeer and Tikiz Shaved Ice seemed to be doing good business in spite of the rain.  My family sampled the cupcakes from Caketeer, and my husband called them, and I quote, “a slice of heaven”.

Even with the rain, we had a good time at the food truck rally.  We really enjoyed our suppers, and I hope that Disney Springs does this often.  If you are in the Orlando area today, or see any of the trucks around the city, give them a try.

This was originally posted on my old blog, Middle Class Poor.

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