Poor Gail Jr.’s Day of Looting and Pillaging

The Poor household is blessed with two daughters, Poor Gail Jr. and Poor Rose.  Poor Gail Jr., being a quick study when it comes to squeezing her money until politicians scream, decided that to create a big, fun-filled birthday, she would take advantage of every birthday offer she could.

Since Poor Husband had to work on her birthday, we used a free meal coupon for Golden Corral a couple days before.  We are lucky to have a very nice GC close to us, and we enjoy the variety.

Then on her birthday, the grand tour began.  Both girls and I piled into the car and made our first stop at Baskin Robbins, where she got free ice cream.  Then to WaWa, where she received a free large drink.  She got a huge Coke slushie.

Next stop was Krispy Creme, where a wonderful lady gave her a free doughnut, plus a second doughnut ‘just because’.  We appreciated her going an extra step to make Poor Gail Jr.’s birthday special.

After the doughnuts were stowed in a plastic container to take home, we headed to Dairy Queen for buy one, get one blizzards.  Poor Gail Jr. ate hers, and Poor Rose and I split the other. Very yummy.

Then the mall.  I really don’t like going to the mall, but we must make sacrifices for those we love.  She got a free slice of cookie cake from the Great Cookie company, then at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels she got a box of pretzel bites with a drink purchase.  These were also stowed for the trip home, because the next stop was…

Cold Stone Creamery, where we once again got a buy-one-get-one deal.  Their ice cream is normally too pricey for us, but the birthday coupon made the cost more palatable.  It made a nice leisurely break before heading home.

One last stop, though.  We went through the Steak n’ Shake drive through to get buy-one-get-one birthday shakes.

We had a great time, and Poor Gail Jr. got lots of birthday goodies.  She got a few more emails too late for our excursion, such as a coupon for Red Robin, but she has even bigger plans for next year.

Check out your favorite stores and see if they give birthday goodies.  You can have a special treat-filled day, too!

This was originally posted on my old blog, Middle Class Poor.

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