Have I Mentioned I’m a Disney Junkie?

Well, for the parks, anyway. I feel no need to see every single movie, and my house is not plastered with Mickey Mouse.

Today I found a new site. It’s called Parkeology, and it has interesting articles. Its big claim to fame, however, is that it hosts the WDW47 Challenge. The challenge? Ride all 47 rides at the four parks at Walt Disney World in one day.

Note that it says ‘rides’, not ‘attractions’, so things like Hall of Presidents or anything else in a theatre don’t count. You have to be moving for it to be a ride. I shudder to think what it will be like after Pandora, Star Wars and Toy Story areas open. That’s going to make it insanely hard!

Yes, it can be done. It has been done. However, it won’t be done by me. I use a cane when I have to do much walking, so I don’t see me power walking through any parks, much less four in one day. But I’ll follow the challenges on Twitter, and if I’m in a park the day one is running, I’ll cheer for them. Sure, you only get bragging rights for it, but I admire their love of Disney parks.

This was originally posted on my old blog, Middle Class Poor. The challenge is still listed, but with almost no participants. Right now WDW only allows park hopping after 2 pm, which makes some things pretty much impossible. The lack of Fastpass+ is also a spanner in the works. I hope things get normal enough in the future so that the challenge isn’t lost to time.

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