Mother’s Day at the Poor House

Lordie, I’m tired.

It always amazes me how often holidays ‘for Mom’ turn into a day Mom gets to work to create the fun the family thinks she should have.

I imagined yesterday as a golden day when my kids helped me create the herb garden that lurks in my dreams. One of them even bought some plants for me. Instead, I cooked. I cooked what they thought would be a treat for the whole family. And, I can’t deny everyone enjoyed it, and they did help. But it left no time for garden puttering and no energy for me to deal with anything else.

The major effect of my health problems is that I have very limited energy. It isn’t unusual for what was planned as a short nap to turn into waking up the next day. I don’t think my girls have made the mental connection that asking me to do one thing means I probably won’t be able to do anything else. I.e., cooking means I can’t garden.

Oh well. Maybe in a day or two I’ll have the energy.

This was originally posted on my old blog, Middle Class Poor.

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