Galaxy’s Edge Woes

Disney has become a victim of its own hype, not for the first time. It made us believe that the new Star Wars-themed lands would be solidly packed from day one. Crowds are finally starting to build, but it still suffers from two major problems.

First, the E-ticket ride isn’t open yet. For any young whippersnappers reading, back in the old days when you needed a ticket for each individual ride at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, the E tickets were for the very best attractions. Rise of the Resistance has faced delay after delay, putting off many visitors who are waiting until they can see the whole land at once. I have heard rumors – and I have no idea how true this information is – that part of the problem is Disney’s secrecy over what the ride entails. The construction has been run like the Manhattan Project, with contractors only knowing their sliver of the process. Because of that, when mistakes were made there was no obvious way to know.

Second, the whole thing is themed around the wrong Star Wars. If Disney had given us a land populated by Luke, Leia, and Han, I would have been there first day. Damn the crowds and full speed ahead. The first trilogy is an ingrained part of our culture. “I am your father.” “I love you.” “I know.” “Do or do not. There is no try.” Dozens of others are instantly recognizable. Quick, come up with a similar touchstone from the new movies. I can’t do it. Can you?

I confess I haven’t been yet. I haven’t been able to work up a ton of enthusiasm for something themed on the new Star Wars. Still, it might surprise me. I have plans to go next week, and I’ll report back on it then.

This was originally posted on my old blog, Middle Class Poor.

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