Plants Are More Than Pretty

Today’s post is about a special interest of mine, edible landscaping. Or as most people would say, growing food. This is the philosophy that everything you plant should produce food. Want to plant a tree? Make it a fruit or nut tree. There are many shrubs that produce berries. There are loads of very pretty flowers that are edible.

Even if you don’t have a yard, there are many planters made for food plants. I can personally recommend the Earth Box. I gave one to my father, and he said the tomato plant he put in it was the most productive he’d ever grown. Grow salad plants. Grow herbs to zing up your cooking. Grow those pricey fresh vegetables like bell peppers.

Nothing beats food you have grown yourself. And in an uncertain world, it is good to have your own resources. Not long ago I read an article by a man living in Venezuela who felt he owed his life to the mango tree in his back yard. He had one in the front that was regularly stripped by armed gangs, but the other one couldn’t be seen. It wasn’t much, but it was the one thing that kept him from starvation. I’m not preaching doomsday scenarios, and such a thing happening in the US is highly unlikely. But having a little bit of protection never hurts.

This was originally posted on my old blog, Middle Class Poor.

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