Social Media… Who Cares?

Recently a women posted on Facebook complaining about people who go to Disney World without kids. I thought about writing about how I have gone from a nine-year-old dazzled by the shiny new Magic Kingdom to a fifty-something who still loves to go to Disney World, either alone or with my two adult, currently childless, daughters. But I kept returning to the same thought.

Who cares?

Seriously, why should anyone outside of this woman’s family and friends give a damn about her opinion? Oh, I know, someone tweeted a screenshot of the post so we could all have a chuckle at a mother’s meltdown, but why the articles?

I’ve seen news and commentary posts all over the place. Will Disney ban childless millennials? Duh, no. Should Disney ban them? Again, duh, no. One person’s blowing off steam on the Internet has suddenly become news.

I think what bothers me the most is that these articles behave as though one person’s opinion is super important to how Disney operates. “Will/Should Disney” is giving far too much power to one Internet post. I have a personal Facebook account. It helps me keep up with distant relatives, and hey, I play a little Farmville. But I don’t go to it for news or opinion. Beyond the people I care about, social media is like overhearing conversations at the mall, and should be treating with the same level of importance.

This was originally posted on my old blog, Middle Class Poor.

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