Those Toy Story Land Pictures I Promised

Since my original post, I have had a chance to go back and take better pictures. I am truly impressed by the theming here, and every second I spent there just made me love it more.

A reminder – Toy Story Land is made to look as though Andy built it in his backyard. Everything you see reinforces that.

Woody is waiting to greet you as you enter Toy Story Land. He talks in pre-recorded phrases which are very in-character.

Your next sight is a portion of the Slinky Dog Dash, with Jessie and Rex having short conversations. They usually involve Jessie helping Rex get down from there!

Here’s the entrance to the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster. Note the place at the top for the box to hang on a store hook.

The coaster set box makes up the roof of the loading area. Judging by all the wooden blocks and tinker toys around, I’d say Andy was more ambitious than the toy manufacturer.

Andy left a few spare pieces laying around.

From the Slinky Dog line, you can see lots of fun things, including Rex’s box.

Poor Rose talked me into riding with her. It was fun, even for a fraidy-cat like me.

Those returning for the first time since the new land opened might not realize that Toy Story Mania has a new entrance. Many people zoom past this to get to Slinky Dog Dash.

Don’t be surprised to find that you are not the only ‘toys’ walking around.

The local eatery, Woody’s Lunch Box, is a perfect replica of those metal boxes we lugged to school.

Did I say perfect? Well, maybe. I applaud the impression of the embossed lid design, but if the box was closed, wouldn’t the picture be upside down? Error or Easter egg, I’ll let you judge.

Seating is, of course, plastic kiddie chairs.

Did you think they would leave out Buzz? Of course not! He’s right at home next to the Alien Swirling Saucers.

And here are the saucers. The ride is much more gentle than it looks. My hip arthritis didn’t complain at all.

Lots of toys make up the restrooms façade. Note the Cootie to the left.

The theming continues inside.

The actual ladies’ room is a more typical decoration scheme for Disney restrooms, but they still keep the bright colors of Toy Story Land. But look at the floor. Looks like a checker board to me.

I loved the ‘sticker’ on the supply closet. Hey, wait, I thought we were Andy’s toys, too!

Andy really loves his stickers. They are all over the place.

Lego trash cans. Disney doesn’t miss a trick.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I’m not exactly a professional photographer, but I love snapping away.

This was originally posted on my old blog, Middle Class Poor. Since then, the cardboard box wall has been removed. It was covering the entrance to the even newer Galaxy’s Edge.

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